Probate Valuations

Probate Valuations

What we do for you?

We provide Formal Written Valuations for all probate purposes. Call or fill in your details above to arrange a valuation. One of our qualified valuers will arrange a time and date to call to inspect the property and discuss the details with you. We then deliver a written valuation to you and your solicitor if you wish.

Our valuer needs two pieces of information to complete their report: the full name of the deceased and the date of death. This is just to ensure we provide what your solicitor requires, an accurate value of the property on the day your loved one passed away.

If you are only handling the probate long after the death, we can back-date our valuation by researching sales evidence around that date. If a period of time has passed since the death, the value of the property may have varied considerably. If you want an up-to- date present valuation in addition to the formal probate valuation, please ask our agent.

If you are considering selling the property
Traditionally it was more likely that a property would be kept in the family when it is inherited. However, often family members choose not to keep the property because they live elsewhere, have their own property or unfortunately the property needs to be sold to pay inheritance taxes.

If you are thinking about selling the property, we recommend you prepare to market the property as soon as you are ready for a number of reasons:

Safety & Security – unoccupied houses quickly become unsafe and at risk of damage and break-ins.

Selling Is The Most Accurate Valuation – Our valuations, although usually accurate, is only an estimate. Getting the property on the market and attracting real offers is the only way to know the exact value of the property.

If you are thinking about selling the property, let us know before we value the property so we can advise you the best course of action.